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Where did the Google my Business Listing go? Maps Listings Dissapeared?

Early on April 1st, 2015 the maps listings on Google suddenly dissapeared.

According To Search Engine Land, “Google has been automatically upgrading Google Place listings from the old system to the new Google Places dashboard”. On March 6th Google started sending out messages to local business owner telling them to remove any duplicate listings that might be hosted on their Google Plus account. Google is in the process of updating it’s map listing section, which is the reason none of the local business listings are showing up on Google.

What does this mean for your Google My Business/Places/Map Listing or What do I need to do for my listing to show up again?

Absolutely nothing, Google will put the places listings back up once they have finished the update. We figure that Google is either playing an April Fools Joke on us or that they upgrade is finally here. This upgrade should remove all duplicate listings as well as make users experience on mobile devices better. Google is all about switching to Mobile friendly use. You might of seen the new way Google is listing the businesses in the SERPs with the “Mobile Friendly” title above websites that are configured for Mobile Use.

What If My Website is Not Mobile Friendly?

In order to rank highly in the search engines you need a mobile friendly site. If your site is not mobile friendly, there is a good chance you might experience a ranking drop for your website. Higher a web company to build a mobile friendly site that will attract new users and get your rankings higher on Google.

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